Why & how I ride

So people ask me all the time.

Why do you ride?

I ride because I love it. It’s my yoga. For me it’s all about mindfulness, balance and mental alertness. It slows me down, refreshes me, recharges my internal battery, centers me, grounds me and helps me shift my perspective to what really matters – focusing on, and in, the moment.  And it’s much more fun than riding in the car. I’m alone with my thoughts – no radio or iPod, no music, news or talk.

I always

  • wear protective gear

  • have zero tolerance for drinking and riding
  • feel connected to others riding on two wheels
  • ride as though I’m invisible to cars
  • try to ride safely

I never

  • pass another biker without acknowledging him/her
  • speed
  • ride alone without letting someone know where I’m going and when I’ll be home
  • ride if I’m tired or not up for it
  • pass up a fuel stop
  • split lanes
  • take passengers
  • watch Sons of Anarchy

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