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Motorcycling – a metaphor for life

The more I think about it the more I realize that for me motorcycling is a metaphor for life.  Sometimes it’s fun and easy, other times rocky, leaving you bruised and sore but you have no choice to get back up and continue on.  You just have to realize that you’re going to get dirty, bruised, black and blue, even hurt and have some fun and meet some characters along the way.  You’ve got to handle the curves that life throws at you and welcome them as much as the ones we meet on the road.  It’s a given that there are going to be muddy sections and that at times and you get mired down, and some rocky parts, but friends are there to help you, pull you, and your machine, out of the rough stuff and set you straight and on your way again.

And I know this how?  Because this has been my experience.  And we’re not just talking about how I am apparently the poster girl for “gravity awareness month.”

So I posted this picture on

Derek, Bryant and Rich waiting on John (who is apparently chronically late)

Derek, Bryant and Rich waiting on John (who is apparently chronically late)

Facebook in the Maine Dual Sport and Dirt Bike Association with the caption “Off to ride the Bowdoin trails.”  I later had to go back and change it to “Off to ride the Bowdoin trails – where OFF is the operative word as I spent more time OFF the bike than on it.”

Keep in mind – aside from the hellish “baby head” off-road episode (it was for me a complete experience but not so for those who were with me – just sayin’) I have no trail riding experience.

about to head down the Bowdoin trails

about to head down the Bowdoin trails

Ride leader promised me a tame ride.  Seems his idea of tame and my skills were vastly different.  But on the upside I dragged Moo-Moo along with me on the GS and his new 50/50 tires and Derek (dhilt) was immensely patient with me.  I will now forever think of TAME as standing for Trails Avoiding Mud Expressly or There Aren’t Mudhole Everywhere?  I think I must have gone down 15 times.  Moo-Moo who rode sweep and helped me right the bike each and every freakin’ time claims it was only 6 times. Truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

As I spent most of my time tailside down on my behind, or side or face in the mud, off the trail and next to my bike rather than on top of it it turned out I left not only my pride trailside but also my left mirror, my right fork guard and my left radiator guard.  Necessary sacrifices I’m told to the trail gods.

I am oh so very very grateful to Brookie Fresh for being my MX boot fairy and

MX boot fairy brought me a suprise - thank you Brookie Fresh

MX boot fairy brought me a suprise – thank you Brookie Fresh

donating a pair of her old racing boots to me for trail riding.  I only had to buy her ice cream a few times, feed her beau Ronnie Stewart (pro MX racer) carrot cake and bring her some pie.  I definitely got the better end of that deal.

My co-riders were very nice.  Offering encouragement and helping me right myself and machine over and over again.  I think I was a pretty good sport about it.  I’d like to think that what I lack in talent I made up for with heart and a really good attitude.


I was so glad to see pavement that I kissed it when we got back out to the road. Overheated and filthy, but happy to have survived.

finally - pavement again

finally – pavement again

Even though it was still well before lunch I was craving an ice cream so I took Moo-Moo and we had ice cream at The Town Landing.  Well deserved. Rich is a true and good friend for agreeing to accompany me (bail my ass out of mud hole after mud hole and rut after rut).

Thank you.  It was definitely a learning experience.  I was on a trail that exceeded my skill and ability on a bike some semi-street tires.  The guys all said with proper tires I’d have been fine – but we all know that’s not true. PIRNIT (problem in rider, not in tires)

messy and old-fashioned fun

messy and old-fashioned fun

seems the bike and I spent more time off the trail than on it

seems the bike and I spent more time off the trail than on it and in fact, off the bike all together!

KLX after inaugural trail ride

KLX after inaugural trail ride


Two fabulous 10 Reasons Why lists ….

These are just too darn good not to re-post.  That and the fact it was -10 degrees this AM on my drive to work and we have 10″ of fresh snow. I took the VW, not the bike.

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