Almost May!

Hard to believe that’s almost May.  It’s been a slow start to Spring.  Here in Maine we have what’s known as “Mud Season.”  It happens while the snow is melting and as the frost is working itself out of the ground.  It’s exacerbated when the temperature warm up so precip comes in liquid form.  It can make for some fairly deep ruts in my very long, dirt driveway – between the oil delivery and UPS guy I have some pretty serious ruts.

I really should have walked the area in front of the barn before I took Margarita out for her first exercise session.  When I didn’t I ended up taking  a “soil sample.”  Luckily for me I’ve learned a thing or two. I immediately turned her off, said “Oops-a-daisy” and then took out my phone and first took this picture and THEN texted a neighbor for a hand in getting her upright again so I could take her in to get her inspection sticker for the year.

You've heard of "soil samples" - this is a "mud sample"

You’ve heard of “soil samples” – this is a “mud sample”

I also got the KLX stickered and then tootled around town on a sunny but very breezy afternoon.  I headed down to Bremen to visit my friends Jacqueline & Roger, but they weren’t home so I went next door to their neighbors Rosie & Orville and to meet their new son Jack.

Out and about in my home town

Out and about in my home town

They had some friends visiting and the three year old Hunter wanted to sit on my bike.  I loved that he insisted on wearing my helmet as his Dad put him on the seat.  Never too early to get into the ATGATT habit!

Never too early to impress the importance of ATGATT

Never too early to impress the importance of ATGATT

Easter turned out to be a gorgeous day so I took the big bike out and ended up in my old neighborhood and visited my neighbors Anne, Norm and Regina.  Luckily for my Regina didn’t mind that I look like a yellow Power Ranger.  Hard for me to believe that I was there neighbor 20 years ago!

Getting an Easter hug from Regina after my visit

Easter hug from Regina after my visit

Me out on my Easter ride

Me out on my Easter ride

After Easter I went for a short ride with the wife of a guy I met while serving on the Steering Committee for the Maine Dual-Sport and Dirt Bike Riders Association.  Jessica is a fairly new rider but confident and a great gal.  She and James have young kids so they can’t really ride together so I love that I get to ride with her while he’s home with their kids.  Turns out she and I have a lot in common, including backgrounds in marine science and knowing the same folks.  Including one who now lives in New Zealand.

First ride with Jessica

First ride with Jessica

It was a pretty chilly day when Jessica and I took our afternoon ride.  I took her from Bowdoin, down the Cathance Road to Rusty’s for a bio-break stop and then into Brunswick and down Pleasant Hill Road into South Freeport. Harraseeket Lunch was unfortunately closed, so we stopped in at Buck’s Naked BBQ for a cup of coffee and some pie.  While we were sitting there eating the couple behind us got up to leave and they said, “We know you’re not snowmobiling but we were wondering if perhaps you’re firemen?”  We both got a really big laugh at that one.  I’ve heard a lot of silly things while out riding in my gear, but that was a first!

The other big news for April is that I gave notice at my job and will be starting a new one on Monday, May 5th.  AND I’m taking my first day on the new job as a vacation day to take the Margarita to Fishtail Racing School’s Track Day!!  I also negotiated as part of my new job my month off this Fall for the ride to Mexico with Gregg.

Last weekend Gregg and I met up with the Tory Hill Gang and then proceeded to Saco to have a planning session with Dean. Dean’s brother lives in AZ and we’re planning on trucking out our dirt bikes and possibly riding through Death Valley to Camino del Diablo and Copper Canyon.  Stay tuned …

Additionally, Jill came by last night and took the Honda for a test ride and left me a hefty deposit.  Looks as though she’s buying the Shadow, thus giving me the funds to buy the KLX from Gregg and getting back down to two bikes.  Just as Jill and I were pulling back into the driveway following her test ride Tara showed up on her Yamaha.  She’s already ridden her bike to work this year.  Her bike needs a new instrument light so we rode over Bill H’s so he could took a look at her bike.  We were both chilled by the time got back to our places.  Lucky for me I have a hot tub that I’d turned up before I left the house.

Tara rode her Yamaha Radian to work

Tara rode her Yamaha Radian to work

The new office I’ll be working out of is rumored to have “jean casual Fridays” so maybe I can ride to work on Fridays?







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  1. archetypicalone says :

    Mud is not much fun, but I bet it doesn’t bother the Tiger much (most of the time!)

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