When did I become this person?

me in my new yellow Power Ranger costume - I mean new Aerostick one piece Roadcrafter

me in my new yellow Power Ranger costume – I mean new Aerostich one piece Roadcrafter

It’s been a L-O-N-G and cold winter in Maine.  Perhaps I’ve been spending a little too much time on Craig’s List?  Regardless, I recently made what I consider to be the all-time-best-ever Craig’s List purchase.  I picked up an Aerostich one-piece Roadcrafter suit that is the precise size that Aerostich advised would fit me when I went to their sizing tool. And I got it for an incredibly  awesome price.  It’s even the color I would have picked had I been able to afford a new one, which, for the record is $967 and that’s without shipping & handling cost!

I know that I look like a yellow Power Ranger in it but I don’t care and can’t wait to have someone take a picture of me with my helmet and gloves on in it.  I promise to post that one when it’s taken.  Keep in mind that my research shows that yellow Power Rangers tend to be the teams’ morale boosters and are level-headed in the time of crises. Yellow Rangers are primarily female so it’s especially fitting, don’t you think?

I met the guy who was selling the suit down in Kittery.  He drove up from Rowley, MA and I drove down after work.  He is selling his Tiger (same make, model, year and color as Margarita) and so I also bought from him his touring windscreen (slightly taller than the stock one I have) and replacement covers for the two side hard bags.  And he threw in for free two 10 liter Seal Line Baja bags (one never even used and they list for $24 a piece), the Triumph Service Manual (can be found online listing for $50-99), a Twist of the Wrist Keith Code DVD (for sale on Amazon for $25), a first aid kit, a 1/24 Tiger Triumph model, an advanced riding book, Hugo Wilson’s Motorcycle Owner’s Manual ($10 new) and an official 2003 RAT patch (for those who don’t know RAT=Riders Association of Triumph).

I get home, download and print the owner’s guide (seriously I have never owned a piece of clothing that came with a four page owner’s guide that included illustrated instructions on how to put it on!), removed six TF3 pads, washed it (in the machine on warm) with three rinse cycles and let it line dry for a day and then into the dryer for 20 minutes to reactivate the DWR (Durable  Water Repellant) and it’s looking pretty darn spiffy.

that's a lot of gear for girl!

that’s a lot of gear for girl!

I go to hang it up in the coat closet and it occurs to me. There are names on things hanging there – from left to right: Hein Gericke, Aerostich, FirstGear, Olympia and River Road. A pair of Tourmaster boots on the floor and two helmets on the shelf along w three pairs of riding gloves. When did I turn into a gear gal?

Most women my age have names on their clothes … but names like Gloria Vanderbilt, Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan and Vera Wang.  For the record – I do own a pair of Cole Haan pumps and little Nicole Miller cocktail dress although it’s been a while since I’ve wore either item.

So this leaves me asking myself  Q: When did I turn into THIS person?  A: Who the heck cares – but I like her!

Lego me on the PhotoShopped Tiger model

Lego me on the PhotoShopped Tiger model – Photoshopped so the color of the bike is accurate


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