2013 Ride out West – Epilogue

Wow – not really sure where to start or what to say.

In no particular order …

… one of my friends commented, “What a wonderful once in a lifetime ride.”  That is NOT AT ALL how I am thinking of it.  For me it’s just the first of many long distance rides.  Like other long distance riders the day I got home (even before I got home) I started thinking about the next ride.

Longer, further, perhaps leaving a bit earlier in October?  Maybe again in the Spring before Gregg’s kayaking season starts. Making it to Moab, the Grand Canyon, to Colorado and up 40 from Colorado Springs to Breckenridge and Boreas Pass. Lisa-kay just moved from Helena to Bonner, MT and I want so badly to ride Lolo Pass with her. Shoot. I just want to ride Big Sky country with her.

No matter what I’m looking forward to the first Spring ride up to the Maritime Provinces with Rich and/or Gregg.  Camping in Nova Scotia, sunrise in Cape Breton, a visit to Campobello Island, a piece of pie at Sarah’s in Machias?


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