Day 19 – final day of the ride: Brookfield, CT to Northampton, NH and then to Falmouth, ME

Final day of the 2013 Trip Out West ride:  The last day of our ride started early.  We were up by 5:30 AM – not unusual for Gregg but it was the first time I got up at that hour.  Gregg made coffee and we started packing up our gear.  I had planned on dropping Margarita at the Triumph dealer in Falmouth on the way home.  She was close to 4,000 past due for her 24,000 mile service and in need of a new set of sprockets and a chain as well as a new clutch cable.  Bill H. picks up his daughter in Portland and said if I could be there at 2:30 that he’d provide a ride home.

By 6 AM I had  my usual “Morning Tigger” text from Moo-Moo.   Turned out he’d taken the day off and was driving heading down to Northampton, NH to Max BMW to finalize the buy back of his 1200 GS Adventure.  Gregg and I agreed to meet him there for moral support and then take him to lunch.

the Three Musketeers reunited

the Three Musketeers reunited

Riding north from Brookfield was lovely – warm and bright.  A delightful late Fall day.  But going home wasn’t where I wanted to be going.  I agree with Gregg that getting home before it really gets cold, or wet is a  great idea.  But at the same time I am not ready to come in off the road.

The infamous "Welcome to Maine" sign

The infamous “Welcome to Maine” sign

Gregg and I headed north after lunch and Moo-Moo wasn’t far behind us.  It was really hard to wave goodbye to Gregg as he got off the Maine Turnpike at the Saco exit. He could have gotten off in Kennebunk and taken the fun route home but opted to ride with me north for a few more miles.

Waving farewell was hard.

waving good-bye to Gregg as he split off for his last few miles home

waving good-bye to Gregg as he split off for his last few miles home

I proceeded north by myself to Falmouth.  As I pulled off 295 I could see Moo-Moo’s truck behind me.  I know I’m not alone, but sometimes it feels like it.

It was hard to leave the bike at the shop and continue home – chauffeured in a truck.  But the statistics show that most motorcycle accidents happen within 20 miles of home.  I avoided the risk by getting a ride home for the last 25 miles.

Stayed tuned for the epilogue and the planning for next year’s ride. Longer, more states, more miles and a whole lot more smiles.

Remember: for ALL the pictures and videos go to Videos coming soon!


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