Day 17 – VA thru WV, MD and into PA

Hmmm not much to say after yesterday’s truly spectacular riding.  I-81 all the way today as the temperatures are falling and we are aiming to get home before the rain that’s in the forecast for Thursday back in Maine.  Tempted to hop onto Skyline Drive but just too damn cold to be able to truly enjoy it.

I’ve determined that riding all day in 41 degrees is approaching my lower temp tolerance.  I needed to stop every  100-120 miles and not just for fuel.  I tried wearing Gregg’s liners inside my winter riding gloves, but after about 15 miles my fingers started going numb so they had to come off.

We pulled off I-81 in Edinburg, VA and thawed out and ate lunch at Sal’s Italian Bistro on South Main Street.  Excellent hot subs.  Huge and on homemade giant rolls.  Of course any place warm probably would have gotten rave reviews from me … but still it was pretty delicious.

Spent the night in a Super 8 just south of Harrisburg in Carlisle, PA.  Decided to head to Brookfield, CT tomorrow and camp out on friend of the family Pat O’s living room floor before getting home on Wednesday.  Although in a car it would be an easy drive from here to home in these temperatures I simply can’t ride 500 miles.  Frost bite and hypothermia are both still possible even though we have no exposed skin.  That was evident after lunch yesterday, when even after sitting in a very warm restaurant for 30+ minutes neither Gregg nor I had the manual or mental dexterity to open the mints that came with our bill!

I’ve now ridden through 23 states (not counting the ones I’ve been through twice) and gone 5144 miles.  That’s a lot of miles, a whole lot of smiles and laughs.  Thousands of pictures … that have been culled down to the 2069 as of yesterday at:



2 responses to “Day 17 – VA thru WV, MD and into PA”

  1. D. Ford says :

    I can sure relate to the cold temperatures. My finger tips seems to always get cold first, and I have several different gloves to choose from. I’ve found that my finger tips stay warmer when I don’t use the liners. When the temp’s are in the low 40’s, I’ve stopped more than once and put my hands down by the engine to warm them up! If I was smart, I’d get some of those fancy heated grips for the bike! Sounds like a great adventure you’re having. Ride safe.

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