Day 13 – a day of rest on Halloween in Birmingham, AL (Barber, bikes, bourbon and barbeque! )

Day 13 – after 12 days of riding, 18 states and 4,150 miles we’re taking a break.  Going to Barber Museum here in Birmingham.  Think we’ll dress up as a couple of long-distance adventure riders today for Halloween.

Left Margarita parked under cover across from Big #1 Motorsports and hopped up two-up on the Zebra and headed to Barber Motorsports. Who knew there was so much money in the dairy business? Apparently what’s on exhibit is only about 50% of Mr. Barber’s collection.

Carmel 2013-10-31 Ride out West 1150466

four of these columns of - bikes stacked 15 high

four of these columns of – bikes stacked 15 high

2013-10-31 Ride out West 013

they look like Matchbox bikes, but they're not

they look like Matchbox bikes, but they’re not

There are four columns of bikes stacked 15 high. It is difficult to take it all in. They look like Matchbox bikes but they aren’t. We spent five hours there and pretty much had the place to ourselves and only saw four of the five floors. Sensory overload.  From early Harleys and Indians to Maseratis, Nortons (including a 1951 Black Lightening) and tons of gorgeous Triumphs as well as race bikes, modern bikes and antiques.  Wow doesn’t even come close.  To see more pictures of Barber go to: and navigate to picture 1275 – that’s where the Barber exhibit pictures start!

Carmel 2013-10-31 Ride out West 1150469 Carmel 2013-10-31 Ride out West 1150470
If you are at all into motorcycles this place needs to be on your bucket list. No question an incredible day.

Ended the night by walking to Jim N Nick’s Bar-B-Q and splitting a platter of ribs and pulled pork w collard greens and mac n cheese.

Their bourbon menu was very impressive. I had a Bulleit old-fashion. I am a bourbon lover. Bulleit is a nice dark amber with a cinnamon spice nose with vanilla light caramel taste and a hot and smooth finish.

my Bulleit old-fashion

my Bulleit old-fashion

just part of the bourbons available at Jim N Nick's Bar-B-Q

just part of the bourbons available at Jim N Nick’s Bar-B-Q

I also sampled Four Roses which had a floral aroma with rosy, grainy spicy undertones. The taste was crisp, smooth and soft at the same time. Marked by vanilla, pear and notes of oak that gently melted into the fruit. The finish was soothingly smooth that was semi-dry and held hints of spicy orange.

I followed that by tasting Eagle Rare. A topaz honey color. Early aromas of gentle grain and toasted honey wheat. The aroma quickly transformed into a pedal-to-the-medal (or in this case twist-of-the-wrist) bourbon bouquet. Mid-palate explosion on the tongue with a long finish that was surprisingly fiery. Fasten your seat belt for this one.

Walked back to the motel happy and warm in the drizzle.Long phone call from childhood friend Marian. Great way to end a fabulous day – even without riding.

Hoping the massive storm system spawning all the tornado warnings and Halloween trick-or-treating cancellations will pass over us tonight and we’ll head for Knoxville and Deal’s Gap in the a.m.  Looking at the weather were we’ve just been – the horrendous hail in Kansas (Sedgwick county) and what Jackson, MS got last night we are thankful to be here in Birmingham and then follow the storm east and north.


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