Shiver Me Timbers – with apologies to Tom Waits – it’s departure day

I’d say it’s a sheer coincidence but I don’t really believe in coincidence.

full moon

full moon

It’s departure day AND it’s, you guessed it – a full moon. For some reason I can’t get Tom Waits’ Shiver Me Timbers lyrics out of my head.

I’m leavin’ my fam’ly
Leavin’ all my friends
My body’s at home
But my heart’s in the wind
Where the clouds are like headlines
On a new front page sky
My tears are salt water
And the moon’s full and high

And I know Martin Eden’s
Gonna be proud of me
And many before me
Who’ve been called by the sea
To be up in the crow’s nest
Singin’ my say
Shiver me timbers
‘Cause I’m a-ridin‘ away

And the fog’s liftin’
And the sand’s shiftin’
I’m driftin’ on out
Ol’ Captain Ahab
He ain’t got nothin’ on me, now.
So swallow me, don’t follow me
I’m trav’lin’ alone
Blue water’s my daughter
‘n I’m gonna skip like a stone

Off I go – leaving behind friends and family, work and the job.  Know I’ll be making new friends along the way and now riding is my job.  Kaw4Life is already a new friend even though he won’t be riding with me to IL as I’d hoped.  I’m going solo for three days out to Oakwood, IL to meet up with Gregg.  I probably won’t have access to a computer until I get there … so going into stealth mode until Monday night.  Til then …

Ready?  43 degrees Set? 430 miles to go. Go…


One response to “Shiver Me Timbers – with apologies to Tom Waits – it’s departure day”

  1. Peter says :

    Hi Carmel! Your bike is way cool. Take care during all phases of this journey. I was in stealth mode much of last week as I was in the North Maine Woods on a moose hunt. Catchting up on email yesterday and today. I wish you well:) Please know I’ll be following your progress via your new blog. Peter

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