Things are looking up…

After spending two days at the Triumph dealer – getting new plugs, a new Bridgestone Trail Wing front tire and FINALLY having the gas leak fixed I’m ready to go.  The sending unit was leaking and the gasket is on national back order, but they used a special bonding agent and I sure as heck hope it holds.  As of this morning the garage still wasn’t stinking of gasoline.

I’m still nursing my disappointment, but completely understand, that without his new seat Richard will not be able to ride with me out to central Illinois  I’m getting ready to head out on my own.  I unpacked and repacked my bags and the bike last night.  Reviewed the check list and think I’m just about set.

The house sitter came over for his walk through and now knows what to look for, who to call if something goes awry and I’m feel comfortable leaving my place in his capable hands while I’m riding.

I’m excited about the route that Gregg’s mapped out.

This is what we’re thinking the ride from CO to UT might look like:

CO to UT legend

CO to UT legend

CO to UT planned route

CO to UT planned route

And as much as I do NOT want to think about it – this is what the ride home might look like:

route home legend

route home legend

planned route home

planned route home

Just back from an amazing evening ride home from Bailey Island and visits with Linda and Minnie and dinner with Racer.  Claudia was at work, but she recognized me on Margarita and we waved to each other.  Not a cloud in the sky, spectacular almost-full moon and I saw two shooting stars.  Surprisingly warm – so warm I was wearing the Olympia “summer” jacket and not the one I’ll be wearing on Saturday.

Had a talk with Rich – he’s still holding out that there’s a small chance (very small – in the nano category as far as I’m concerned) that his seat might have been overnighted from CA and be waiting for him when he gets home from work tomorrow.  IF and that’s a HUGE “if” it is then it appears he’s planning on riding to OH with me.  I’m not counting on it and may instead see if his BMW lighter cable to US standard lighter will work on my bike and if my plug is even wired.  That was I could pick up the dual USB cigarette lighter 12-volt  charger to keep my phones charging if I need to use them as GPS.  As back up I have hand written out the directions for Days 1, 2 and 3 and they’re in the map case of the tank bag.

T minus 36 hours and counting.


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