More bad news and some good news…

Good news…

Rich reports that stats dump from his GPS for our two day ride are as follows:

Miles – 836.5  (but that doesn’t count the drive from my house to his)

Time Moving – 15 hours 14 minutes

Time Stopped – 4 hours 18 minutes

Average Speed – 42.8 mph

Max Speed – 88

Bad news…

After writing and posting last night’s blog entry I had to run out to the garage to grab something from the car.  The smell of gas was over-powering.  I had to open the garage door.  They were so bad that I obsessed about what might be wrong now/still.

Good news…

At 5:30 AM I couldn’t take it any longer and Googled the Augusta Triumph dealer.  I called to see what their hours were – expecting to get a recording.  What I got was Dave the Service Manager.  At 5:30 in the morning!!  I explained the problem – the entire sordid tale.  He said, “Sure bring it on up, the service guys get in at 7.”  At this stage I’m wondering if it’s too early in our relationship to tell him I love him.  I go out to the garage (remember the doors have been open all night) to pull the dry bag off the back of the bike to pack it with some clothes for work and the gas fumes are still very strong.  I grab my work laptop out of the case and put it in the dry bag along with my phones and gear up in riding attire.  I get to the dealership by 6:30, drop off the bike.  Dave my new hero drives me to the office by 7.

Bad news…

At this stage I realize I don’t have my badge and can’t get into the building.

Good news…

I’m wearing my riding gear and quiet content to sit out side and turn on my mobile hot spot from my phone and work.  And I work with some folks who tend to show up around 7:30.  I go in and change out of my riding clothes into work (most days dress-up clothes) clothes which are on the casual side.  Even better news – my boss has decided to take an unplanned vacation day, so he doesn’t see me in slacks and reeking of raw gasoline.

My work day progresses and at noon I realize I’ve not heard from the Service Manager.  I call Gregg and explain what’s going on.  He says, ” Are you asking for permission to call them?”  Yup – guess I was.  So I do.  The Service Manager had told me that they’d call me before they did any work.  I’m told they replaced the plugs – not that I care … but where the heck did THAT come from? I dropped it off for a gas leak.  And that they’d found the source of the leak.  Gasket around sending unit.

Bad news…

There’s a national back order on the gasket for the sending unit.

Good news…

He said they have a bonding adhesive from Honda that’s used specifically for this purpose (of which I’m a little doubtful – isn’t the gasket specifically designed for this purpose?) and should be all set.  Also said he was going to talk to the Parts Guy when he got back from lunch about a new front tire as they didn’t feel the one on there would last 6600 miles as it’s already cupping.

Bad news…

I step out of my meeting at 3 PM to call to see what’s up as no one has called me back about the tire yet.  Dave’s gone for the day.  Justin has no idea I’m waiting on specs and a price for a front tire.  AND my bike is still all torn apart while the bonding agent cures and it won’t be ready today.  WHAT?  How am I getting home tonight or back to work tomorrow with the Tiger in the shop and the Shadow and car at home in the garage?  Eventually he calls back – Bridgestone Trail Wing.  80/20 on-road/off-road.  $125 plus $50 to mount and balance.  I, again on Gregg’s recommendation, said go for it, but I want the one they take off.  I’ll save it and then put it back on after I get back as there’s a good chance I’ll use up the new tire completely on this trip.  How do I get the old tire home on the bike?  Maybe when they come pick me up tomorrow to go get the bike and shell out a small fortune for the repair I can get them to bring the tire and then on Thursday when I have my car at work I can bring it home?

Worse yet – Justin says they don’t get their UPS delivery until 11 so there’s a good chance the bike won’t be ready to go at 2 p.m. which is when I need to pick it up by if I’m going to get where I need to be Wednesday by 3! UGH.  I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and will check with Dave tomorrow.  Although not necessarily at 5:30 AM.

Good news…

I sent an email to the Triumph dealer just a few miles from the AMA Hall of Fame in OH asking for lodging recommendations.  Got a great email back from the Business Manager there with great suggestions and offers for some fun twisty road rides and routes on the way out and in TN and NC.

Bad news…

Hope I don’t need to stop in for anything bike-related because they’re closed Sundays and Mondays and that’s when I’ll be in Columbus.


Professionals have ascertained the source of the gasleak and supposedly have it fully stopped.  I will have a new front tire and new spark plugs installed when I pick up the bike.  I will however be out a boat-load of dollars I’d not planned on spending.


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