Revised proposed route – Plan A revision 2

As Gregg has pointed out – this is Plan A.  Plan B is what actually happens, the route we take, how many miles we make and where we end up depends on the weather, road conditions and forecast.

Overall trip

proposed route

proposed route – 6600 miles

legend for the ride

legend for the ride

Day 1 – October 19, Saturday

Bowdoinham, ME to Brunswick to pick up Richard.  Then to Scranton, PA

450 miles

Day 1 - ME to PA

Day 1 – ME to PA

Day 2 – October 20, Sunday

Scranton, PA to Pickerington, OH (Columbus)

475 miles

Day 2 - PA to OH

Day 2 – PA to OH

Day 3 – October 21, Monday

Spend some time (four hours maybe) at the AMA Hall of Fame and Museum, bid farewell to Richard as he heads up to WI to visit his friend and then home as I continue solo to Kickapoo State Recreation Area in Oakwood, IL to meet Gregg who will be riding down from Hudson, WI where he’s been for the past few weeks.

285 miles

Day 3 - solo day OH to IL

Day 3 – solo day OH to IL

Day 4 – October 22, Tuesday

Oakwood, IL to Kansas City where I plan to eat a HUGE portion of BBQ at Gates BBQ!

425 miles

Day 4 - IL to KC

Day 4 – IL to KC

Day 5 – October 23, Wednesday

Kansas City to Scott State Park, Scott City, KS

385 miles

Day 5 - Kansas

Day 5 – Kansas

Day 6 – October 24, Thursday

Scott City, KS to Colorado Springs, CO to visit Eric and the kids (Ilise will be CA that week) and  perhaps on to Breckenridge, CO

270 miles or 345 miles

Day 6 - KS to CO

Day 6 – KS to CO

I am focusing on things like this rather than the news that the metal connectors have damaged the threads in the fuel pump plate assembly now.  Rich is going to try to recondition the threads tomorrow so that the new plastic quick disconnects will screw in, seal and the gas leak/seep come to a complete halt. If something goes wrong and that doesn’t work I’ll be looking at a new fuel pump plate panel.  New they’re $250.  Looking on eBay I see one for $180 in MD.

Have I mentioned how Gregg is perpetually upbeat?  Here’s the most recent example – a text exchange between us from just now.

Gregg: Mechanical stuff will always get worked out.

Me:  Gets worked out? As long as that doesn’t include an explosion while I’m riding.  Cause that would certainly fall into the “all worked out” category.

Gregg: LOL true enough. But I don’t think I have ever looked at an explosion under your butt as working out.

Me: It would surely solve a boat load of problems. Might cause a few new ones though.

Gregg: Ya think? Yeah.  Let’s not shoot for explosions.

Me: Excellent goal. We’re not reaching too high are we?

Gregg: LOL. I don’t think so. It’s a laudable and valuable goal.  Let’s go with it.

Me: As long as we both agree…

Gregg: We do.

LESSON #10:  eBay and the Triumph forums may well turn out to be my new best friends.


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