Parts anyone?

100 McMaster-Carr Buna-N o-rings #9452K19

#9452K19 – Buna-N o-rings, AS568A Dash Number 011, 100 pack.  $2.11

Looks as though I’m officially in the parts business now.  A single o-ring runs $4.00-$6.00 a piece online or from a Triumph dealer.  I got 100 for $2.11 plus $4.94 next day UPS shipping.  Worth every penny.  Any other Triumph folks need new fuel line connector o-rings?  I got lots to spare.

A few weeks ago I ordered a Cycle Case compact GPS tank bag (w/straps as Margarita has a fiberglass tank so magnetic bags don’t work).  Although I ordered the black one when it arrived it was hi-viz.  I could live with that, but what I couldn’t live with was the fact that the female clips (the ones sewn onto the bag) didn’t hold the male clips on the straps.  They didn’t click in and the slightest pressure on the straps and they disconnected.  Sort of defeats the purpose.  I called Competition Accessories and they gave me a $10 credit and I ordered the black one and planned on returning the hi-viz/defective one.  I waited for the black one to arrive and tested the straps from both on it.  Both worked.  Clicked solidly in and held the bag.  So I returned the hi-viz bag and the straps that came with it back to CompAcc and asked not only for a refund but for my shipping to be refunded.  We’ll see what happens …

I also got in touch with Cycle Case directly to complain.  Richard – the CycleCase rep from Kuryakyn – was amazing.  He wanted to make sure the Competition Accessories was treating me right and agreed to send me a rain cover for it gratis.  Now THAT’S superb customer service.  Thank you Richard.  I can’t believe that the rain cover didn’t come with it.  Anyway – I’ll be looking for that UPS package next early next week.

Gregg just ordered a new GPS and if he likes his new one I plan on buying his old one and will need a decent rain cover to keep it safe and dry.  I’ve also ordered 3 cell phone/GPS dry bags for $3.31 a piece (  According to Amazon – normally $39.99 each.  We’ll see how those work out.

Also waiting to see how Richard is making out – need the new battery installed, the under seat look to hold the tank bag engineered, two of the new o-rings put on the fuel lines to see if that stops the gas leak and finally the new brake light switch put on.  NOTE: the brake light switch was the only thing I thought I needed.

…. well it turns out it didn’t go so well.  Rich determined it was indeed the lower fuel connector that was leaking at the threads.  Luckily the local Triumph dealer is open until 8 PM so we drove down and picked up two.  The “new” metal ones didn’t have tapered threads and the metal on metal didn’t take.  So now we’re back to brand new, Triumph plastic connectors that Rich will try putting in tomorrow.  He also pointed out a few other things that need attention:  no battery strap (but the new 260 CCA one is in!), the main battery fuse is exposed (but he thinks he can engineer something to keep it safe and dry when riding in wet weather), a number of button screws missing, the button battery box screw missing.  I wonder why so many screws are missing?  Also picked up four feet of new overflow tubing to cut into two foot lengths and get those where they should be.

Tomorrow will tell whether or not I’ll be riding to Saturday’s Triumph dealer open house or to Nova Scotia on Sunday with Rich … stay tuned.

The first thing I bought and looks as though it’ll be the last thing on.  REALLY hoping to be able to get a ride to his house tomorrow night and pick up a fully functioning, no gas leaking ride.

LESSON #9:  Patience makes for a perfect ride.


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