Friends & Forecasts

Yesterday Lisa L. and I drove to Evie’s (Lisa’s daughter) early in the a.m. and we left my car there and Evie drove us to the airport.  A slight delay in DC and we arrived in Denver at 3 p.m.  The car rental took forever … but what do you expect when you rent a car for $11/day?  We drove to IKEA in Centennial and did a whirlwind, but total, tour of the store and had dinner there.  Roasted chicken special for $1.99 but we opted for salmon lasagna and Swedish meatball dinners.  YUM.  And on the road within an hour.

Got to Ilise and Eric’s at about 6:45 PM just as they were sitting down to dinner.  Lisa crashed and took a nap.  Just as she got up at 8 I went down for the night.  Here it is 6:30 AM and everyone’s up.  Eric, Ilise (already been to the gym, home and showered) and the kids, both of theirs and their Chinese exchange student, cat and dog are all up and getting ready for their days at school.

My friends are awesome.  Here’s a short run down:  Lisa and Ilise spending my birthday with me in Colorado.  Libby joining us next year? Bill putting the new metal fuel connectors that arrived in Thursday’s mail (from the former owner in VT) today.  Gregg loaning me a heavy-duty dry bag and his spare point-and-shoot camera.  Moo-Moo for agreeing to ride out with me as far as the AMA Hall of Fame in Worthington, OH.  Linda for the birthday gift of having her work in my gardens with me for an entire day one day next Spring.  Curt out in Salt Lake for sharing the Yellowstone forecast with me – apparently up to two feet of snow in the forecast by the end of the week.  Looks as though snow is coming early this year.  This changes the planned route out – shifting it south from Hudson, WI to Columbus, OH.  So I guess I won’t be seeing Megan W.R. afterall 😦 .  Because I want to stop at the AMA Hall of Fame and Museum now Gregg might ride the day down from WI and meet us there.  Then it’s looking as though Moo-Moo needs to head back to Maine as he found out this week that he needs to spend $6,000 on a new boiler.  So Gregg and I may just head for KC from OH and then down to Moab.  Nothing’s set – it’s about the journey – who cares what the waypoints are.

LESSON #5: I have the most amazing friends.


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