With the cracked fuel connector I’m unable to ride Margarita as she’s all torn apart still in Bill H.’s garage in the next town over.  A HUGE thank-you goes out to the former owner in VT who is now priority mailing the upgraded connectors he has directly to Bill so they can be installed.


Gregg’s zebra-striped front fender on the V-Strom

Without maintenance chores or riding my mind has been wandering … and that’s never a good thing.  It seem Kaw4Life (real name Richard) is coming with me out to meet Gregg and then, if his new seat arrives prior to the 19th of October, will continue with us for the entire three week ride.  So even though Gregg’s ADVRider nickname is TinMan and Richard’s is Kaw4Life I started teasing him – saying things like, “If you’re going to ride with a Tiger and a Zebra (Gregg’s bike has a zebra front fender) we’ve got to get you a wild large animal nickname.”  He said, his BWM is a hog, so what about WartHog.  He then went on to say, “Well everyone calls me Kaw.” I teased him further by saying Kaw was a bird sound, not a large animal.  He pointed out that in the motorcycle world it’s pronounced “Cow.”  As in Kawasaki.


Tigger! that would be me

I made the mistake of saying something along the lines of – “My bike might be a Tiger, but I ride like Tigger.”  So now he’s calling me Tigger. (Which I actually kind of like because I am after-all very enthusiastic about riding.)  I’ve  now convinced Gregg instead of Kaw we’re now calling him “Moo-Moo.”

I pointed out that we’ll be riding on Halloween and so we’ll need to get me a Tigger costume, wrap Gregg in aluminum foil so he can be the TinMan and pack a cow suit for Moo-Moo.  Moo-Moo is now threatening to not like me.  Oh well!

LESSON #5: Don’t dish it out unless you’re willing to take it!

the original TinMan

the original TinMan


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