Who would have thought…

… that I’d ever find myself riding and be too warm?  I certainly didn’t think that was a possibility.  Until last night that is.  Gregg and I had plans to rendezvous  at Mickey D’s in Topsham at 5:30 p.m. for a quick ride down to Bailey Island to retrieve a cake pan that I’d left at Linda B. and Minnie V’s house.  It was cool out and the sun was low so I suited up.  I donned my early birthday gift from Gregg.  A pre-owned First Gear XL windproof and waterproof red and black jacket with a zip out liner.  I zipped the liner into my new River Road Taos 2 pants and put on a pair of Duofold long johns, a silk long underwear top, a turtle neck, my fleece AND the jacket. Okay – so in hindsight perhaps it was overkills.  I pulled on my winter gloves and hopped aboard Margarita and headed to Topsham.  But the time I rode the 14 miles I was drenched in sweat.  I pulled into the parking and started stripping.  I NEVER thought I’d get that hot riding!  And no, I did NOT have my grip heaters on.

So by the time I’d stripped appropriately Gregg’s laughing fit had subsided and we had a lovely ride down to Bailey Island. You can pretty much bet that when you show up at their house that there will be a houseful.  Sure enough – there was a party going when we got there. Minnie’s sister Margarita (not my bike’s namesake) was departing the next morning back to Puerto Rico  (along with Minnie) so in addition to Linda and Minnie and Margie (Margarita’s nickname – the person, not the bike) Peggy, Linda K. and Ed were all there for dinner.  Gregg and I were invited and joined them all for dinner.  Mac and cheese, beets from the community garden and homemade bread from Claudia next door and peach jam that Linda made when she and I went peach picking at our friend Holly’s house two weeks ago.  Plus triple berry pie and cookies for dessert.  My kind of meal.

Our ride home at the very tail end of dusk was spectacular.  The temperature had dropped, the air so cool and crisp as September evenings tend to be.  The almost full moon and cloudless sky made for a perfect night ride.

When we got home we got down to the business of going through a packing list, talking about how best to pack my gear on Margarita, etc.  Great night.  I am so lucky to have such an incredible circle of friends.  I know a lot of people have friends – but I am exceptionally lucky to have the world’s best friends.  Supportive and understanding and who love me unconditionally.



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