Rainbow ride

So I met up this morning in Topsham with Kaw4Life at 7:30.  He’s Gregg B’s buddy from ADVRider.  They’ve ridden together for years.  Seems Kaw4Life may ride with me out to WI next month and join Lance and Gregg on the big ride.  I thought it might be a good idea to ride over to Whitehorse to see if I could find some decent touring boots AND cold weather pants that are long enough.  I’m only 5’9″, but I have a 34″ inseam so finding a pair of riding pants that on the Tiger the knee pads stay at/below my patella is problematic.

Evans Notch - after the rain cleared

Evans Notch – after the rain cleared

Had a great ride out 9 through Sabattus up to 2 onto 113 through Evans Notch.  It started to rain fairly hard south Bethel but I’ve never seen so many rainbows before.  Counted at least six and that was just ahead of us.  I have no idea how many were behind us.  I’m calling this my Rainbow Ride.  Kaw4Life pulled on his rain pants and I put my phone in a Zip-Lock bag.  But by the time we turned onto 113 to head up to the Notch it stopped raining.  Rain paints removed for Kaw4Life and I added a fleece.  As you can see – the sky was clearing.  It’s just been paved – much better than when I rode up in July with the Tory Hill guys.

Had a good stop at Whitehorse Gear and bought myself some new touring boots. Super comfy and I hope just as warm as waterproof.  No luck finding pants that fit me in the waist AND are still long enough in the inseam.  But on the upside I saw my River Road pants there for $35 more than I paid for them from Competition Accessories.  Even if the knee pads aren’t over my patella while I’m riding.  Let’s hope I never “kneed” them to be.

Getting ready to head home from Whitehorse Gear

Getting ready to head home from Whitehorse Gear (Kaw4Life)

I got back home by 3 only to find that the Great Ducky Race had been moved from 3:30 to 2:30 so I missed it.  Darn it … if I’d known I was going to miss it I’d have stayed out riding for a few more hours.  Did stop at Marden’s in Gray in the hope that they’d still have boxes of 36 Uber bars for $15. Of course they didn’t!  You know what they say, “Shoulda bought it when I saw it at Marden’s!”

I’m hoping today’s ride will give me a passing grade so Kaw4Life will consider riding the 1500 miles out to Hudson, WI with me leaving on the 19th of October.  I’d feel much better about starting a huge ride like this if I weren’t riding totally alone.


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