Signed, stickered and legal

registered, inspected and stickered

registered, inspected and stickered

So with 20,432 miles on her Margarita is now officially a resident of the State of Maine.  That means sales and excise tax paid, Maine title applied for, registered, license plate purchased, stickered and inspected.  I am so ready to start putting the miles on and get really comfortable riding her.

Gregg and I are talking about what my options are for getting out to WI. Gregg needs to leave a week or so before I do as he has family obligations.  He posted on ADVRider asking if anyone had any interest in ferrying Margarita (okay, he probably didn’t use her ‘name’) out to WI for me – either riding with him out and flying back, or riding out anytime – just so she’s there when I get out there.  There was some interest.  One of the guys who responded thought he’d either like to do that or join us for the whole ride.  That got me thinking – what if Gregg rides out when he needs to and then Rich and I ride out leaving on the 19th and take three days (maybe four if the weather’s not good) and we leave as a group on the 22nd or 23rd?  And then the three of us ride back to Maine together?

In the meantime – I’m putting together a checklist and may ride over to Whitehorse Gear on Sunday to buy myself some more early birthday presents – like the bike itself isn’t enough?  Plus Gregg gave me an awesome pre-owned First Gear super cold weather jacket.  Happy Birthday to me!  Oh yeah, I also bought myself a new Scorpion EXO-700 Neon helmet.  The old Shoei with the custom paint-job by Kevin Austin (Hammerhead Graphics) needed to be retired.  So I’ll be riding incognito now without my name across the back of my helmet.  But there’s no missing me  – the new headgear actually hurts your eyes to look at it.


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