Bringing Margarita home to Maine from Vermont

my view on the ride over to VT

my view on the ride over to VT

I left my house in Bowdoinham at about 7 a.m. and drove my car to Gregg’s house and climbed two-up behind him on his 2002 V-strom with 88,000 miles on it and off we headed. Within the first five miles it all came rushing back to me. I had all could do to keep from throwing up in my full-face helmet.  If I’d forgotten I suddenly recalled why I’d gotten my motorcycle endorsement – I am not a good passenger!

what it looked like on the ride over

what it looked like on the ride over

We arrived where we needed to be a few miles down a great Vermont dirt road by 12:30 after a lovely ride (nauseous aside) out 202, 9, 279 and 7 north of Bennington. After a brief panic as we headed out for a test ride when the fuel warning light didn’t go out and the needle didn’t come up off E. It was explained that sending unit was shot and I still had 200 miles to go before I’d really be out of fuel off we went for a 50 mile test ride.

When we returned I was worried that I was going to buy the Tiger just so I wasn’t going to have to ride back to Maine two-up. Lucky for all of us I was saved that fate because we were able to agree on the price.  The deal was done and we headed home.

Stopped to take a few pictures and for a late lunch at 4:30 in Wilmington, VT at The Anchor.  We took our time. A fuel stop. A Dunkin Donuts stop. A clear-the-bugs-off-our-visors stop.  A put-on-another-layer stop. A biobreak stop. Arrived back at Gregg’s just before 9. I was so sad to leave my new bike in his shed, but had no choice as drove my car home. Crawled into my bed at 10:15. Exhausted but happy.


Happy Tiger face!


Lovin’ the White Mountains of Vermont


My kind of riding


Heading home to Maine with my new machine


7S to Bennington, 279 & 9E through the White Mtns


A girl and her Tiger


hey look – I can now pass, going uphill

Dunkin Donuts stop. Halfway home

Dunkin Donuts stop. Halfway home

Bill came by at 8 the next morning and I climbed up onto the back of his MotoGuzzi Norge for a ride out to bring Margarita all the home to my house.

Thank you Gregg and Bill.  Thank you David. I stopped by for a short visit with David and parked in his driveway. On an angle. Not sure I would have been able to get my new bike up off its sidestand without his help.

LESSON #1: Pay attention to angles, topology, substrate and where/how you park a big-ass bike when you’re alone and not a big-ass girl.


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